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Key Map We are very skilled at observation and information gathering, analysis, and reporting. A core function of this is to be curious and ask questions to develop information. No one knows everything, but we are experts at quickly learning what we do not know and researching the subject matter to become experts.

These inherent skills from our property & casualty insurance operations serve us well in our other non-insurance markets. Examples of some of our Non-Insurance Market services include:
  • Mortgage Inspections - Photos, Condition, Occupancy / Vacancy.
  • Loss Draft Inspections - verify contractor and/or mortgagor completion of claims repairs.
  • Contractor Construction Draw / Pay-out inspections - verify completion of a segment of work or a particular phase of construction, usually on a new construction project.
  • Risk Management - properly identify, classify, and mitigate risk.

Contractor Construction Our services can be customized to your workflow and can take advantage of our robust infrastructure and service options.