Pyramids of the Giza Plateau The Pyramid stands for Quality,
Service and You.

Egypt 2551 B.C. The birthplace of Midwest Technical Inspections? Probably not, but perhaps the birthplace of an idea. The idea of quality.

The Great Pyramid sits upon the Giza Plateau, in the desert just southwest of present day Cairo. It soars to a height of 481 feet. Constructed of approximately 2.3 million stone blocks with an average weight of 2.5 tons each, the stone blocks fit together without mortar, yet a knife blade cannot be placed between the seams. It was not eclipsed in height by any other man-made structure until the 14th century - nearly 3800 years later.

The pyramid's base covers an area of more than 13 acres. Each side along the base measures almost exactly 750 feet and corresponds perfectly to one of the four cardinal compass points. The sides vary in length by less than 8 inches. The corners of the pyramid vary in level by no more than 1 inch. A benchmark of human endeavor which still inspires after 4500 years.

All of this accomplished without the advent of surveying equipment, the wheel, or iron tools; not to mention modern technology such as computers. How did they do it? With pride of workmanship, commitment to quality, and team dedication to one goal. These old-fashioned concepts are time-tested and have proven to be successful.

Midwest Technical Inspections was founded on these concepts and has continued to grow from literally a "one-bedroom" operation into a successful multi-million dollar insurance services company. We are building a pyramid placing our customers on top. We live by our motto: The Pyramid stands for Quality, Service, and You. The capstone of all of our endeavors is your satisfaction. We take pride in knowing that our superior team consistently provides our customers with the best quality coupled with outstanding service. In this, MTI mirrors the dedication, commitment, and pride of the builders of the Great Pyramid.