CUSTOM - Comprehensive Underwriting STrategy & Options Management

MTI’s full range of Insurance underwriting surveys and Risk Management services is available through our CUSTOM - Comprehensive Underwriting STrategy & Options Management services.  A CUSTOM program allows an underwriting team to progressively deploy our full suite of services in the most efficient and cost effective manner.  Our concurrent system of service escalation eliminates the inefficiencies and costs associated with the traditional, step-by-step approach; in the end, saving both time and expense within the underwriting process. 

CUSTOM services start with the best first step and only escalate to more in depth survey functions when the scope and risk exposure warrants the extra attention.  The "triggers" for escalation can be controlled directly by the client or automatically by pre-determined parameters during the CUSTOM program.  The different service elements available in one of our CUSTOM programs include, but are not limited to: Call Center surveys, Field surveys, Recommendations checks, MTSC Services, Training, Replacement Cost valuations, etc. 

Current programs being used are highlighted below, but as the name suggests, a CUSTOM services program can be created especially for you. 

Cost Reduction Program Model:

This program solution was developed for a client that wanted to control their cost and only wanted to escalate our services when the situation called for such action.  The survey begins with a pre-call by our National Call Center.  Our representative obtains basic information about the contractor's business and determines whether they have any active job-sites that can be inspected. 

If job-sites are available, the report is sent to a local field representative who conducts a full job-site inspection.  If no job-site is available, the Call Center representative completes our Abbreviated Contractor Survey and submits this completed telephone report at a much lower cost than the full inspection. 

Based on the results of an initial job-site inspection and whether or not recommendations were developed, MTI will trigger a Recommendations Check, 60 days after the original inspection was completed.  The client will only incur the additional charge when the situation dictates the need for such action. 

Cost Reduction Model

Risk Management Program Model:

This represents a more traditional model for our MTSC services.  The program begins with one of our standard underwriting inspections, based upon the coverages, to give the client an understanding of the size and scope of the risk, as well as the overall loss potential.  Based on this initial assessment, a more detailed Risk Management consultation could be ordered to address the major sources of risk potential and to develop controls to help manage the risk.  Escalated services could include employee training, employee certification and/or on-going risk assessment and mitigation. 

Risk Management Model