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SaaS Case Study:
Auto Owners Insurance Company used our GISA system as a private cloud application from 2007 until 2012, when at the time they developed their own internal system.

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Technology At the heart of any great inspection, premium audit, or risk control survey, is a well-trained, knowledgeable representative. No amount of technology will replace the true "eyes and ears" of the process. Our Midwest Technical team members are our most valuable assets. You, our customers, are the reason for our efforts. To support our team and you, we embrace technology and its benefits.

Midwest Technical is an industry leader in using technology for the betterment of our services. Scalable processes allow for efficient data management; expanding our customers' possibilities of leveraging the value of our services. We recognize the efficiency gains and cost reductions that can be achieved through the development and deployment of technology into the workflow process.

Making Our Technology Work for You

MTI’s industry-leading technology, GISA, was created and is enhanced by our business analysts, software engineers, and development teams who have decades of experience in the insurance services industry. We are a technical firm focused on using this considerable experience and knowledge to create technology solutions for our industry and customers.

In brief, we have the following offerings:

  • If you are using our insurance services, you get the benefits of GISA as MTI uses it as our workflow system.
  • If you are not an insurance services customer but need a workflow system, GISA is delivered as a private cloud Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • If you need components of GISA and/or need customization & optimization of your current workflow, we can provide business analysis and consulting services.

Managers and staff from Underwriting, Risk Control, and Claims, can collaborate on completed services such as inspection reports and premium audits. Our Data Mining and Scoring tools transform simple data points into useful sources of information; helping underwriting teams prioritize ordering and file review functions. Ease of information exchange and storage in our "cloud", gives you the opportunity to re-allocate your valuable internal resources creating unprecedented opportunities for you.