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We are an approved and registered vendor of the United States Federal Government and are registered on the Central Contractor Registration website.

We are registered with the Small Business Association.

or 800.451.5621 x527 for more information.
MTI offers specialized inspection and safety services to municipalities, states, and other agencies, at all levels of government.  Our contracts have included work with State run programs to work with individual municipal departments.  These services often require a unique understanding and knowledge of the public sector market along with specialized certifications for the field staff; all of which can be provided by MTI.

As with our Insurance market services, you can use us to fulfill your needs throughout the entire scope of your project; from comprehensive management to performing a specific function within the project.  Our experience and quick ramp-up time allow us to be used in overflow situations as well.  If you have a back-log in your annual commercial building inspections or fire inspections, we can help.  Our GISA workflow system is equipped with inspection / violation content and we, of course, can add your specific forms for completion as well.  Our system can interface data with your internal systems and/or your interfaces can be used.

The types of inspections we can provide your government entity include:
  • Building Assessment / Valuation
  • Vacancy Identification & Verification
  • Fire Inspections - Annual or Ad Hoc
  • Building Inspections - Annual Business License or Ad Hoc
  • Risk Control / Life Safety Inspections
Government Services
We are members of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the National Safety Council (NSC).