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or 800.451.5621 x527 for more information.
Since many Risk Management needs are determined on an individual case basis, telephone or email contact is the best "first" step.  Listed below are some of the items we would like to have to get the process started.  We are always happy to speak with you if you do not yet have some or all of this information.  Please contact us at 800.451.5621 x527. 

Insurance Market Non-Insurance & Group Markets
  • Policy Declaration (Dec) Pages.

  • Coverage Focus / Interest:
    • Focus on all of the listed insurance coverage(s) and/or,
    • Focus on additional insurance coverage(s) you are proposing to write for the insured and/or,
    • Ignore certain listed insurance coverage(s) which you will not be writing for the insured in the future.
  • Loss Runs:  Past three (3) years from you and/or the previous carrier(s).

  • Special Attentions and/or Requests from the Insured and/or the Underwriting / Agency teams
  • Example, “The insured has requested assistance with developing a Return to Work Program”, or “The insured has asked about revisions to Fall Protection.”
  • Items from the "Insurance Market" list.

  • Code or Regulatory Compliance concerns:
    • Example, “Would like a mock OSHA inspection”, or “Need help with compliance”.