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"I wanted to thank you for the work done by your staff. The insured took to heart the recommendations and training that was provided and it appears that they are on the path to a much more organized safety plan. They used your Loss Control Report as the basis for their detailed planning and, to date, have addressed sixteen of the seventeen recommendations.

Thank you for the work done at this insured's location. Your engineer that performed the inspection apparently struck just the right chord to not only inform but motivate the insured to do what needed to be done. The insured also expressed their thanks."

- John Reagan, CIC
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MTI’s broad range of knowledge and expertise in Risk Management is distinctive and incomparable. Our Risk Management services are performed through our MTSC - Midwest Technical Safety Consultants group. We provide our services and solutions for the following markets.

Insurance Market: Carriers, Brokers & MGA’s

Just as with our standard services, you can use us as needed. For customers with their own Risk Control Departments, we can help with over-flow, vacations, illness, geography (it is inconvenient to send your own staff to Salt Pork, WV) and/or knowledge base support for unique risks. Unique risks are those you write infrequently and which would otherwise require study and ramp-up time by your staff; taking them away from pressing day-to-day work.

We can also efficiently and cost-effectively service those "smaller" risks which fall below your service guidelines. We perform all types of assessments and training based upon industry best practices while conforming to your internal underwriting workflow and guidelines. Use MTSC for:
  • One-Source resource
  • Supplemental Help / Over-flow availability
  • Specialist / "knowledge base support" availability
  • Small premium, perhaps below service guidelines (see Group Market)
Non-Insurance Market: Private Business & Government Entities

For business, whether you are a small main-street concern or a giant of corporate America, claims cost you money. Claims not only impact your insurance marketability and premium rates, but they involve indirect costs including lost productivity and management time. Even if you are "claim-free", regulatory compliance is just good business practice; protecting all concerned and averting costly fines.

We can assist all parties with compliance and best practices. Use MTSC for:
  • Governmental / Regulatory compliance
  • Insurance policy compliance
  • Insurance claims loss improvement
  • Small premium, perhaps limiting your availability of receiving service from your insurance provider (see also Group Market)
Please take a look at an example of one of our customer safety and compliance Solutions.

Group Market: Industry Groups, Professional & Trade Associations

We serve Industry groups and Professional & Trade associations. Our services can be a value-added benefit for members, providing a highly effective, low cost solution in response to the call for much needed help and assistance. It is uncomfortable to have the feeling that "nobody wants me". Our Group Market services ensure that no one is left behind when it comes to safety and risk management. Use MTSC for:
  • Value-Added service provided by the group to its members
  • No Solo options, entities might be too small for service to be cost effective by themselves