Corporate Headquarters

We built, own and occupy this 20,000 square foot, stand-alone commercial property.  Our site encompasses 5.39 acres of land reserved for future growth and preservation.  The property was part of an old tree farm and great care was taken to remain "Green"; preserving trees within the development plan and re-invigorating unused land into a prairie habitat.  Our pride in our "Green" committment continues in all phases of our operation.  Currently, our recycling equals our refuse and our GISA technology has reduced our paper files from eighty+ cabinets to less than ten!

Lobby Within our corporate home are the departments that allow Midwest Technical to best serve our customers and team members in accordance with our motto: "The Pyramid stands for Quality, Service and You".

Our headquarters are home to the following main functions of our company:

  • Operations
  • Quality & Training
  • Field Services
  • Call Center
  • Premium Audit
  • Account Management / Marketing
  • IT / IS
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting