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Data Scoring Midwest Technical's GISA has a robust Data Scoring module which enables both individual and global report data to be evaluated and scored.  On the individual report level, the score is automatically placed within the viewable file and can also be structured within the file name itself. 

This score inclusion in the individual file name can be leveraged by GISA's data delivery component in order to route specific scored reports to specific destinations within your organization.  For example, policies with "hazard" scores can be routed to one underwriter or group, with high urgency, while "clean" policies can be routed to a lower priority holding area.  Routing is multi-level and can include variables such as survey location, policy type, etc.

Global report data scoring can be used for management reporting and can be interlocked with our Midwest Technical data mining service, PATH.  Scoring parameters can be customized to your specifications or you can use our pre-defined models. 

Report and Data Scoring, at its most basic, can assist underwriting in identifying problems on a report.  On a grand scale, Midwest Technical's Scoring can assist underwriting with file prioritization; ensuring critical underwriting issues are handled first.