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Our Safety Consultants hold designations including:

  • Certified Safety Professional (CSP)
  • Associate in Risk Management (ARM)
  • Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU)

or 800.451.5621 x527 for more information.

We believe that effective Risk Control is made up of four major areas.  Our definition and committment to these areas is what makes our MTSC services the platinum standard for Risk Control.

Experience & Professional Demeanor

We do not learn on your time.  We represent you and make a positive impression on all involved parties.  We have been to the "carnival" before. 

Efficient & Conducive Time Management Effective Risk Control Model

Our schedule reflects all of the employees’ schedules.  We work when they work, observing their shift routines, day or night; not fitting safety into a “9 – 5” time-frame.  We will see them and train them around the clock. 

Positive & Enthusiastic Approach

Most people are not purposely “running with scissors.”  Ignorance is normally the culprit, not willful disregard.  Safety is about great communication.  We “Talk UP Safety”, we do not “Talk DOWN to the audience”.  There is no place for “Gotchas”.  Enthusiasm for Safety needs to be contagious. 

Extra Effort & the “Little Things”

"Yes, we will be there on Sunday afternoon." or "Sure, we will have dinner with the agent to talk about the account or coffee with the crew for the tool-box talk." or "Mr. or Ms. Insured, here is a Safety Tip Card we have printed for all of your employees."  These types of actions ensure your satisfaction.