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Data by the numbers:
  • Over 230 million "answers" collected in 7 years
  • Over 60,800 data points in the GISA form library and growing
  • Average data points per report group, per survey:
    - Commercial Lines = 866
    - Personal Lines = 317
    - Call Center = 528

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Data Mining PATH

Predictive Analytical Trend History - PATH is one of Midwest Technical's integral services for Underwriting and Risk Control, as well as allied departments such as Claims, Marketing, and Actuary; looking to maximize profitability, retention, and growth.


Analysis from statistical data provides a more accurate forecast of future losses, changes, and gains than from human analysis alone.

Safety Compliance:

Compare recommendations submitted with insured compliance to better gauge attitudes towards inspection hazard observations and predict future attitude and compliance patterns.

Refined Mining:

Extract a particular answer from a particular question inclusive of several variables.  Which apartments, Class 1 construction, within the states of IN and OH, do not have proper fire extinguishers? Which buildings, over a certain age, do or do not have electrical or roof updates?

PATH can lead you to: Data Mining

  • Hidden data in existing books
  • Trends to target profitable business
  • Improve loss ratios by flagging risks with potential hazards
  • Analyze historical trends
  • Validate data mining models against historical data logic
  • Create models for future business based on current business
  • Interface departments with data already collected but not analyzed
  • Identify suitable data sources for analysis