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What types of services does MTI offer?

We provide insurance inspection, risk control, and premium audit related services. We primarily serve the insurance industry and non-insurance markets whose needs relate to insurance, inspection, and safety; including state and municipal government entities, and general industry and commercial business clients. Through our Field and Call Center operations, we provide a wide-range of services including: Commercial, Agricultural, and Personal Lines inspections; Risk Control & Safety Consulting services, and Premium Audit services.

Where is MTI headquartered?

Our MTI headquarters are at 5555 Arlington Drive East, Hanover Park, IL 60133. We are in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

What is the typical time service for your inspection and premium audit services?

We pride ourselves on our industry leading time service. Depending on the size and scope of the inspection, as well as the geographical location, a typical inspection report is attempted and completed or appropriately statused within 30 calendar days. A typical Premium audit is completed or appropriately statused within 60 calendar days. We are flexible and can work with your office to set up an alternative time period to better meet your needs.

Does MTI handle reunderwriting projects?

We have completed numerous reunderwriting projects throughout the nation. Discounts are available based upon volume and the scope of work. Please contact your Account Manager or see Reunderwriting for more information.

How can I order services?

For inspections, our web-based ordering is straightforward and will get you started for lower volume quantities. Simply select Order Services and follow the instructions on the page. For premium audits, we need dec pages so please contact your Account Manager. They will be happy to review your capability in producing the dec page information and will match this to one of our ordering methods.

For larger volume quantities, options include FTP / FTPS, spreadsheet, delimited file, xml, email and Web-services; all of which your Account Manager will be happy to discuss. Paper and fax requests are accepted as well, at your convenience.

A guide to ordering Risk Management services is available at Order MTSC Services.

For any assistance, please contact us via email at .

How do I order a RUSH inspection and is there an additional charge?

You can order a rush report in the Comments / Special Instructions section by indicating your need for a RUSH report along with your due date. In most cases, there is no additional charge for this service.

If I have Special Attention questions that need to be answered, how do I indicate this during the ordering process?

Certain inspections may require special attention questions to be addressed to assist with the underwriting process. There is a Comments section included on the order page which allows these questions to be added to the request.

How do I order multiple site requests on one policy?

On the Ordering page, select the 'Save Values' box to pre-fill the policy information except for the survey address.

What if I need to change / add / update something on an order or need to cancel a request?

If you need to make changes to an order or cancel a request, please contact or your Account Manager who will be able to assist you.

In what format will the reports be completed / returned?

Through our proprietary workflow system, GISA, we are capable of completing / packaging our reports in numerous ways including PDF's and/or "raw" data such as xml, delimited formats, etc. Multiple delivery options include secure postings to in web and PDF format, GISA Desk-Top Delivery of PDF's via email or FTP / FTPS, and Imaging System and Workflow System interfacing. We are also happy to offer paper packaging if desired.

Are there any Management / Status Reports available?

Our Account Management and Customer Service departments handle most inquiries. However, we do have an Open Jobs Report and a Completed Jobs Report which provides status information. These reports are posted to and are available upon request from your Account Manager.

What payment methods are available?

Our invoices provide an address for check payment, but arrangements for bank transfer or credit card payments are also available by contacting your Account Manager.

How do I contact my Account Manager?

To contact your Account Manager, please click on Contact Us for a list of current contact information.